Point MP to different Mavlink Repo

Hi all,

I am trying to point my custom MP build to a different Mavlink repo. I have changed the github link within MAVlink.csproj but it is still compiling the standard mavlink repo. I am using VS for the building and developing. I have tried to clean the solution and rebuild, but it’s still grabbing the old mavlink repo.

Is there something obvious I am missing?


the mavlink project is generated using the bat files included in that directory, check the bat file to change the url

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So I have completely deleted the bat files, and replaced the .xml’s with my own…it still isn’t recognizing certain messages? Am I not cleaning correctly in VS?

Really frustrated over this, any help would be greatly appreciated!

the normal steps are

  1. update the xmls
  2. modify as you need
  3. run regenerate.bat - this requires python to build the new cs files
  4. compile in VS