PM06 Battery Monitor 0 Volts

Pixhawk 4 mini, PM06, Copter 4.1.3, 5000mah, 3S Lipo and Mission Planner.

I can’t get the Battery Monitor Voltage to register anything but 0V?

None of the suggestions listed in the following thread nor the Holybro instructions helped:

Preflight Battery Level = 0V (Red)

A pinhawk 4 mini is not the same as a pixhawk 4.

set to

  • ADC Pin0 → Battery Voltage
  • ADC Pin1 → Battery Current Sensor

Thank you geofrancis, but I have no idea what you mean. If those your two references are parameters I can’t find those parameters in my parameter list?

If your two references are references to wiring, I have no idea where or how to wire those pins up. I do know that there are 4 ADC pins on the Pixhawk 4 mini and I found the pinout descriptions but I don’t know how to set them up?

You need to go into your parameters list and look for the BATT1_ options, thats where you set the pin.

I swear I thought I tried that based on a suggestion in a previous thread but you are right, it works, Thank You!

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