PM02D Power module for Pixhawk 5X

I just got the Pixhawk 5X flashed with Ardurover 4.2.0dev.
I’m using QGC 4.2.0 as a ground station. Everything seem to works fine so far except battery monitoring through the PM02D power module from Holybro.
The module has digital I2C interface instead of the analogue voltages used in the pervious version of the module.
tried most of digital options already listed but none of them reported the right battery voltage/current.

I know the support of the 5X is still not official, but I would appreciate any advice or pointers on how to set it up correctly.


the PM02D requires that the following parameters be directly set:

these are already set as defaults in the parameters, unless you have changed them trying to use that Mission Planner wizard, to something else…

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Thanks a lot! Now the correct battery voltage is being reported :slight_smile:

Hi, is the PM02D supported in Ardupilot/Missionplanner? I use the pixhawk 5 with these module but can’t get any numbers for the battery monitoring.