PM Failsafe System with automatic switchover to bypass PM

been involved in building & flying drones for over 10 years now.
Had twice issues with PM systems over the years and once had a crash due to sudden failure (poor PCB track).
Now have just upgraded to a Pixhawk 6X but not to excited about the supplied PM02D.
The PM needs higher rated plugs and wires if more than 30A continuous is required. Whilst I’m confident in soldering I prefer not to mess with such items if it can be avoided - but unfortunately have to do this as no other suitable PM is currently available. (Needs to have digital output)

I was wondering, is there anyone out there who knows of a system which would bypass the PM in the event of a failure ?
…would have to be fast enough to prevent a FC shutdown.

I know of those dual battery systems with automatic switchover. ( I believe Mauch make those).
But I want just a simple bypass I.e. cable in parallel which is activated if PM fails without having the extra weight of additional battery.

Or any electronics engineer out there who could tell me if a simple powerful diode in the bypass line would work, as the threshold voltage of the diode should prevent any current bypassing the PM unless there is a failure / drop of voltage below threshold limits ?

Something like this:

Thanks in advance.

You should look at the matek hall sensor, im planning in on fitting one to my rover, the wire just goes through it.

But did have something like that in the past from Mauch.
Better than the other in-line units but unfortunately unsuitable for my new FC as needs to be digital in signal output.
Those you’ve mentioned have the regular analog output.

you could connect it to a CAN node if you need it to be digital.

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Cool, thanks for that. This might just be the solution I was looking for.
…and I can re-use my preferred Mauch MP.

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