PM 52 slow loop lines found, max 9.05% on line 65396

This is what shows up in the drone share auto analysis. Show’s up in all my logs now. What is this? Thx

I have these errors as well, and so do others. I could not find any information on this error.

Using Bionicbone’s (who asked the same question here) ‘APM Flight Log Analysis’ tool, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of lines in the log that are red flagged.

I’ve posted in other forums including DIY but apparently nobody knows what the error means. This error does not occur in AC 3.1.5. Virtually every log since installing 3.2 has the error. At first I though it may have been caused by the Neo-M8N GPS, but found logs that had the original 3DR GPS without errors.

Surely there must be a dev that knows what these speed errors are and whether they affect the performance of the copter. If it is not harmful, why does Auto Analysis flag it? My copter has been twitching while in GPS modes (ex. poshold) so I decided to run the Auto Analysis because I could not find any issues in MP.

Thx for the reply. I get the feeling it’s a logging bug not a flight risk bug and I forget what it was , but I think I recall one of the forums the devs mention this and a fix is forthcoming but I wasn’t %100 if this issue is what they were talking about.

i have the same errors!! i was flying no problem with with apm 2.6 and neo-6m with firmware 3.1.4 without any problems at all… after i installed the 3.2 firmware the PM errors started and i also get gps-0 and gps-2 errors too…

i go back to 3.1.4 and the pm and gps errors still there… i try also erase and reset option from cli. calibrate from the start but problem still there. then i also installed the 3.1.5 same results lot of pm errors…

this thing makes me crazy!!!

now i upload the 3.2.1 firmware but no time for testing!!

any ideas…

I think this fix is on the way … 1e977da3e3

I too am getting these slow loop errors. I don’t get them on arming, it’s when I change flight modes, especially to poshold. It seems to fly good, but all that [color=#FF0000]RED[/color] worries me.

do you guys have imu logging turned on? APM is getting to slow for arducopter. I had the same on my hexa and solved it turning off imu logging (usefull only when tuning or troubleshooting vibrations).


The “loop” errors are a non-issue from what I understand, at least for Pixhawk.

Instead, under PM, look at INAVerr and graph it. Is it over 255?