Plz let me know the reason why copter had been crashed

Hello guys yesterday there was a bad situation with LTE using drone.
I just let the copter throttle up,
But, after the copter took off, without anymore command, it suddenly rushed forward.
More surprisingly, two different planes showed the same dash and collision.
Attach logs showing two identical symptoms and ask for cause analysis.
(EKF check2. EKF ecode 24. )
Thank you. (120.9 KB) (397.1 KB)

First off you have some vibration issues with the mounting of the flight controller.
It looks like you took off from 3rd base and flew towards home base when it crashed at home base.
I think in both cases it is GPS error due to the surrounding environment where the GPS thinks you are staying in one place but the copter is moving away. Don’t know if the copter crashed in the seats or at home base.
Also the motor 3 was high but the copter was moving north. The copter was pointing North East so that doesn’t make sense either. Is the flight controller pointing in the correct direction?


Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: i haver some more questions

  1. How can i know there is some vibration issues with the mounting FC? (which log…?)

  2. How can i know that FC is pointing the correct direction?

actually the copter crashed in the seats ;-(
but, the place where the copter flew was wide baseball field.
i think the environment was good enough to find GPS signal.

And, as the log shows, error code 24 was revealed.
Is it possible that some of the IMU sensors were interfered?

Thank you for your interest.

The arrow on the flight controller is the front and all the motors are numbered from there. If the flight controller is on backwards then power to the motors will be wrong and it won’t fly.
Even though the area is open when the copter approaches the seats the GPS may encounter position errors caused by some of the known satellites being blocked or bounced off the structures.
Vibrations are recorded in the logs and can be graphed.
Also it records the GPS position of the copter and you can play that back or graph it on google to see if it matches what you saw.