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Plugin MAVLINK problems

(Corrado Steri) #1

I have a plugin that works correctly with latest stable, gives error with latest beta (1.3.68 build 1.3.7125.18927) and works on todays girhub cloned master.

today stable = works
today beta = doesn’t work
today master = works

Error is: File load exception, could not load file or assembly ‘MAVLink, version=’

(Michael Oborne) #2

The library version. Has changed to 1.0.4. you might need to change your build to update the version

(Michael Oborne) #3

you can change your mavlink reference not to depends on specific version

(Corrado Steri) #4

But why the latest master from github works?

Thanks for the reply

(Corrado Steri) #5

How can i do that?