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Please recommend power module sensor

At this moment I’m using separate voltage and current sensor from my flight controller.
I have standard power module and it’s works.
Tje problem is I’m usually flying at currents less than 3 amp. In this range my power module isn’t precise enough.
Could you please recommend good enough power module for light builds?

The internal sensor of MatekF405 - wing was doing pretty good :slight_smile: I’m looking for similar sensor but external


I hope this sensor would works better for low current

There are two things that effect current sensor accuracy quite a bit: how much of the range you use (the scale internally is 0 - 3.3v, so you lose precision if you have a high current sensor), and stability of the power supply (for Hall effect sensors particularly - they tend to be ratiometric, so supply fluctuations cause reading fluctuations). Having a sensor matched to your use case greatly effects accuracy. Of course, getting the calibration right is equally important

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Thanks for explain…
The question is if I can use ACS712-20A wirh ardupilot.
I assume, the ACS712-20A gives 2.5v when current is zero and 5.5v when current us 30 ampers.
Is this range suitable for ardupilot?
I’m using MatekF405 std board.


It’ll definitely be useable. ACS712 is ratiometric, so a stable supply voltage is important

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