Please recommend a battery charger

Are there any dual port chargers that would be suitable for charging two 4s 8000mah batteries at 1C simultaneously (269 Watts total or 134 Watts per channel), and also be able to charge one 6s 22000mah battery at 1C (554 Watts)? I’m working on a project right now that’s going to take 4s batteries, and I have another long term project on the horizon that’s going to require a big 6s battery. Is there any one charger that would be well suited to both?

ISDT chargers have been recommended to me; they have a discharge function and a storage voltage function. To me these are important features. Maybe not discharge but I definitely want a storage function.

I’ve been looking at the ISDT K4. It appears to be able to charge 4s batteries at 1C on AC, but could not deliver 1C to a 6s 22000mah battery without a power supply. Is it my best option - ISDT K4 with a switching power supply?

Or maybe you know of a charger I do not. Please enlighten me. I look forward to your suggestions.

For example maybe there’s a 600W charger with two ports. That would work. But I can’t find any. My google search results for “600w ac balance charger” just turns up the ISDT K4.

If you want serious things get one of these

Thank you!

Please confirm I’m reading correctly: That charger requires a DC power source, right?

You might try on that site a good power supply like

or if you are inclined to some DIY, a common approach is to use one or two PC Servers PSU and adapt it. I remember that it was a common item on ebay

Look on Banggod or Ali for used 2000-3000W 48V PSU’s they better than two 12V Server PSU. (3000w ac220v-250v to dc 48v 62a zvs heating switching power supply r48-3000e3 for induction heater Sale -

Plus if you buy an iCharger 4010duo, then you can buy a 1000W 1Ohm resistor, and you can discharge up 40A with it via the charger.

Thank you for the replies. Is the 4010duo uniquely good or could I save a little money and be happy with the 308 duo?

It’s a bit cheaper than this 4010 + PSU combo I found.

If you are absolutely sure you will never exceed the specs of the 308Duo it’s also a good option, but for the price difference I would go to the 4010