Please post a .tlog with RPM data

I am making a warning system for engine cut, so if anyone can please post a log with RPM, it would help.
It does not need to be a flight, bench-testing ok, RPM changes and start stops are welcome.

Thank you.

Hi, hope this is what you need under esc1,2,3,4

thank you, but I need a .tlog (log of the communication to the groundstation) which will be parsed for RPM messages. (usually produced by plane’s propulsion motor(s) - not VTOL motors.)

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2020-07-04 11-04-51-1.tlog (913.6 KB)

SITL is a great tool for stuff like this.

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Of course… I have not found ONE model in SITL that simulate RPM … have you?
And thank you for the tlog, it is perfect for my tests.

np, in fact i too never tried that before. set RPM_TYPE = 1 to get RPM into SITL.

Did you forget the link/instructions?

added wrong link, can’t find the right one anymore, sorry.
these are my SITL RPM params:


ok, it actually only requires to set RPM_TYPE = 1, that’s all. might be worth adding that to the docs.

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