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Please Include support for new LIS3MDL compass

(Paul) #1

I recently bought a GPS/compass unit with a new LIS3MDL compass module from mRobotics and was advised after that it is not yet supported in ArduPlane with a Pixracer. Here is the unit:

Can you please tell me if you anticipate supporting it in Arduplane with a Pixracer? It appears that you’ve added it to ArduCopter in the last recent release.



(Paul) #2

I would like to know when I may be able to use this GPS.

I bought it from mRo and cannot use until something in the Arduplane software is added to make it work with a Pixracer.



(Paul) #3

Thank you all for your excellent work. So that I feel less of a pain-in-the-a** in asking this again, I just made a donation.

I hope to see support soon in ArduPlane for the LIS3MDL compass used in mRo GPS/compass modules.



(Paul) #4

I saw this note in the January 2018 report:

But when I try the SAM-M8Q GPS/Compass from mRo with an mRo Pixracer I see some issues. First, I get very high offsets on the unit. When I use an older mRo GPS/compass with the HMC5983 compass, it works as expected. With the LIS3MDL unit I cannot get good results.



Also, the SAM-M8Q unit appears to have the little white arrow that we use for orientation marked on the wrong side, 180 degrees about.

Here are more of my settings:

And here is the status window in Mission Planner, with all three compasses making values:

(Bill Bissonnette) #5

I haven’t had any luck getting the LIS3MDL in the mRo SAM-M8Q GPS/Compass to work with Plane 3.8.4 either. Any updates?

(Paul) #6


I have it working on the bench now with Plane 3.8.3 and a Pixracer. Set it as compass #1, externally mounted. Configured a 180 degree yaw offset. Seems ok, bit I haven’f flown it yet.

The GPS works really well. Good luck,