Please Help ! :)

Good Evening everyone. I’m not used to forums so please excuse my noob forum eticate.

I have built a drone that worked flying with the Hoby King KK2 board however got this apm 2.6 and its excellent, however I have calibrated everything including my ESC’s the Quad X when armed I can accelorate up but I do not have enough power to take of my Throttle in MP is set to 1000 and it just wont lift off when I go to Compass motor calibration the motors do run at full power. Im lost on this matter and I would very much appropriate it if some one knows how to rectify this.

Thanks Richard.

OK Guys don’t worry sorted it now after 3 days then I put this post up a couple of hrs later sorted :slight_smile: typical. Any way for those who have the same issue it was my transmitter settings. I found that in MP the throttle in transmitter calibration it went from 1100 to 1900 so look on the transmitter in its setting and set the throttle travel from H100 to 150 sorted now in MP I get 1100 to 2099 and plenty of lift power. Thanks anyway people. Richard.