Please Help - Wobbles on Throttle-Up

Hello, any help for a newbie would be appreciated. I’m flying a pretty vanilla 450 sized X-Alien frame with 20amp ESCs, 1400kv outrunners, and an Arducopter 2.8 flight controller. The performance of the quad is reasonable except that it shakes/oscillates rapidly when I apply throttle to start climbing. It rapidly settles down and climbs fine, but when I change the throttle up the quad gets the shakes. I’m flying in Stability mode.

It also will not hold altitude in loiter or alt hold modes. It just gradually sinks. The flash files attached clearly show both problems. The quad knows it’s falling, but it doesn’t try to up the throttle to hold the position.

Any idea on either issue? I’m really struggling to figure this board out. Thanks!


For anyone looking I solved this problem by swapping to 920kv motors. The 1400kv motors were just swinging those big 10" props too fast to be stable. Things are working smashingly well now.