Please help with this. PLEASE Motors working and not

I reinstalled MP. my motors spin up in calibration mode. I unplug MP and only my servo works. This is on a tricopter, I have a Digital servo in the tail. I am about to give up. I have a lot of time trying to get this what gives. My NAZA works fine with my Y6, I just cant get this to work, any input would be grateful. I don’t want to give up on it but two months is long enough.

Did you set the upper and lower limits in calibration mode? Did you hear the tones that conclude ESC calibration. I have had it stay in calibration mode after numerous power cycles, which, sadly led to a significant crash.

Lastly, and I say this not knowing anything about NAZA are you moving the sticks correctly to start the motors? Both sticks down and in!


Upper and lower limits in calibration mode. How do I find that?
Thank you.

You might tell us what hardware you’re using. Specifically ESCs.

are you using a pixhawk? do you have the safety switch enabled? or plugged in?

Using APM 2.8 and 30 amp ESC

What brand ESC are you using?

i swapped out the clone for the real 2.5. and the same crap. It will not work, I need a NEW TO THIS. I am used to DJI and NAZA. Please help.

any one close to 45371 to help?

What ESC brands are you using? You still haven’t answered that.

30amp Afro speed controllers

I think it windows 10. I need to go to my Windows 7 laptop.