Please help with micro minimOSD

Hi All
I get trouble with micro minimOSD. I flashed micro minimosd with firmware MinimOsd_Extra_Uni.887DV-MAVLINK-release
Then I connected it Telem2. Screen looks OK but only flight mode is update, horizon and rest of data are not updated.
If I connect minimOSD evrything is OK .
Firmware in both OSD are the same…
Any idea what is going on ?

Hello Tomekr,

Which ardupilot fw are you using? Did you connect both tx/rx telm to minimosd?

Previous versions of ardupilot needed a mavlink request to start streaming data. In the newest versions this isn’t needed. Maybe you’ve connected both tx/rx to the minimosd but not to mini-minimosd.

Hope this helps.

I use 3dr Pixhawk with arducopter 3.3
The strage is that if I connect micro minimosd to Telem 1 it work OK. Both telem 1 and telem 2 has the same settings.
I will check micro minim osd with both RX and TX connected to micro minimosd.
Many thx for your replay

That probably is the cause. Or you upgrade to latest beta 3.4rc brench or connect the TX line.

Do you have a telemetry radio? You can test if it is the issue if connect it in parallel with minimosd, it should start working whenever you connect mission planner to it ( cause mission planner issues the magic request command to pixhawk )

It works I connected both RX an TX and all looks fine.
Many thanks

You’re welcome! Happy flying !

Hi Tomek,
FMI, can you post the link where you bought the micro MinimOSD from.
Else the brand?
I see one on BangGood, wondered if it was the same?

I would like to buy 2x for FPV Racer application.


I have one of these:
works pretty well with the new firmware.

Ok, looks like this thread is all solved so I’ll close it if that’s ok…