Please help to clarify IMU Cube temperature issue

Hi everyone,

Recently, I have tried Pixhawk2.1 and found that even if I just plug in usb port to power the board, the cube temperature is quite high (feeling when I touched it compared to Pixhawk1 and verified with thermometer gun to 37 DegC). I successfully tested Pixhawk2 with my quadplane with just short hover flight. There was no problem regarding the board except the temperature issue I mentioned.

I have tried to search for many forum with no luck. Someone said it is set to 60C. However, after I look at default parameter BRD_IMU_TARGTEMP, the default is -1 (disable).

I’m not sure shall I enable it to maintain 60C ?

I’m quite worried since I live in hot tropical country. The ambient temperature is quite high up to >30C. For longer full flight not sure if it will function properly or not.

Not sure which level of temperature should I set or disable is already a good idea ?


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Tip nr 5 here:

Leave it at the default!

Thanks for your suggestion

I set mine to 60 and it seems to fly well. I was wondering if I could see the temperature change in the Data flash log. We live in a hot environment just to see what the sun will do.

Thanks for you information. For temperature in dataflashlog, I’ve just seen temp parameter in IMU section. Maybe it’s temp sensor in IMU. Not so sure about this

It’s one of the IMU temperature sensors used to control this. From memory I believe it’s IMU.T but you can graph all the IMUx.T fields and compare quite easily.