Please help Pixhawk-4 won't calibrate


I have tried everything I could find online to get the system to calibrate. With external compass and GPS without QGroundControl, Mission Planner etc. With power with USB every possible combination possible, Tried it on a PC on a MAC… I’ve also re-flashed it several times. I can make a video if that helps. Nothing works. Radio hooks up fine everything else is OK, I really need to get this working Putting it on a Flamewheel 450.


I’d ask in a firmware forum. You may get more hits there. The ground station doesn’t really do the calibration, the vehicle firmware does.

Trying to understand your issue first. So, you cant get calibration (what part of calibiration? Radio, orientation etc.) completed and the external GPS doesn’t work? Is that what the issue is?

What Flight controller are you using?

Explain how everything is wired to FC?

Good day, are you using the last firmware 4.0.3?
what kind of gps module are you using?

Are you saying when ardu tells you to leave quad up right, then put on left side, then right, put nose down, then on the rear then upside down on it’s back?

my friend and I are not having good flight with that 4.0.3 firmware. We went back to what we first had installed and have not had any issues.

No as in the original post radio works fine using a Taranis X7 everything is fine with the radio. The sensors won’t calibrate. It dose’t tell me to put face down face up etc. It just sits there and does nothing. I gave it to one of my students to try on his computer. We have a bunch of these and this is the only one that has the issue. I’ll report back in the future on the outcome with the student. And yes I have the current version of the software.

bump, same problem

@yaboyjb311 can you explain what your problem is? what flight controller, which firmware version, a quick summary of your wiring, and finally steps to reproduce?