Please help me with analysing Pixhawk log after crash

Hello everyone, this is my first post and i would like you to help me with analysing my log after pixhawk crash.

Last sunday I was testing several modes and after accomplishing auto mission there was a time for a Circle mode. I took of with alt hold simple mode and after gaining some altitude i switched to Circle. Just after this i lost control and the crash happened. The log file is very messy and i’m quite newbie in this analysing, can someone help me with to figure it out what has happened and why did it happen? I would be very gratefull.

There is a problem with uploading my log files, i guess it is because it’s quite a large file, about 20Mb. This is because it took a long time before i took of my hexacopter from the tree…
This is the link where you can download my log file: … sp=sharing

Anyone can help me?