Please help me review a log of a maiden flight/crash

Hi y’all. I’m not sure of the proper procedure for getting some help reviewing the log from the maiden flight/crash of my hexacopter. It was flying perfectly, and then it wasn’t! I downloaded the .bin file, and I have a video from the crash. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here’s the video:
And here’s the .bin file!Ah4irmEI0vFTkRIpPcgQAWsH3vdd

RCOUT 2 (motor 2) went to maximum as if that motor stopped producing thrust - current also dropped a bit at that point indicating it wasnt producing any electrical load.
Vibrations were OK, so unlikely to be a prop issue, more likely just purely electrical like the ESC totally failed or the connector between flight controller and ESC became disconnected.
Motor wires to ESC have been known to produce issues (break, bullet connectors) but I think you’d have to lose two wires at once for such a sudden failure.
Luckily that was a hex, if it was a quad it would have been like a falling brick.

Thank you for the reply. I’ll check the solder job on the ESC power wires. I’m not the best solderer in the world.
I did try to do another motor test in Arducopter. That motor (motor 2, the one at 9 o’clock) does not spin like the others.

I think it must have been a bad ESC. I tried the Arducopter ESC calibration and did not get any errors. The I tried the motor tests again. That motor 2 just vibrated instead of spinning. I switched motor wires around, and it still just vibrated. Then I attached that suspected ESC to another motor, and it did the same thing. So it must be the ESC(?). Can they just go bad instantly in flight? All the wires look good. I ordered a couple more ESCs.

just vibrating happens when only two wires are connected. Youi should never have tried to fly until all the motors are running properly. I know its hindsight, but on new drones I put a broomstick or something through the landing gear and stand on one end so I can run up the motors, measure amperage, etc. Or you can move the props around one space and turn them over. Pushes down not up.