Please help me! aM I missing something?

Last weekend I updated my pixhawk from 3.1.4 to 3.1.5. I had noticed MOT_TCRV_MAXPCT was highlighted in yellow, it was 89. i changed it to 80. My first test flight with 3.1.5 ,in stab, it fell from the sky (see my post in here
It flew great before the FW update. Its a quad with sunnysky 3108 720kv’s, afro 20A esc’s. Pixhawk/taranis x8r sbus. 4s batt. 3dr power module. everything is soldered, no bullets. afros have stock SimonKFW. I crashed twice. first time, i reviewed the logs, saw roll/des roll issue, decided to change props, do another test flight, same thing, in stab mode, yawing to the left, just fell from sky.
anyway, I tried to analyze the logs; all I can see is equipment failure. that much is obvious. what else am i missing?
any help is greatly appreciated!

also I removed my SD from the pix, as requested and attached the .bin file-I’m pretty sure its the right one as the times attached to the files are like 11 hours off! (maybe related issue?!)

Since then, I discovered the signal wires coming from esc’s thru ferrite ring, to pixhawk cut up and wire exposed. Damage caused by friction from flip frame clean plate vibration making contact with ring. I’m assuming this was the cause of the equipment failure. Based on my logs, did I analyze it correctly? And am I missing anything? Is there anything else I’m not aware of?

Which ESC would be useful information.

Afro 20A running stock FW, soldered in to pcb, soldered in to motors, only using signal wire to pixhawk.

No, I mean which ESC had the frayed wires?

All 4.

Ah. So I can’t really help you by confirming that it was one particular motor.