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Please help identify FC

Due to work and family commitments I haven’t had spare time for RC but since the COVID lockdowns I have had time to get all of the old kit out. But its been so long since I’ve seen this stuff I don’t even know the model of my FC.

Can someone please tell me what the model name or number of this PX4 is?

When downloading the ARDUPLANE firmware which option should I choose?

Is this FC compatible with the current ARDUPLANE firmware? Probably should have asked this first.

Any help much appreciated.

Cheers RS

Looks like one of the many clones of Pixhawk(1) , the first/original. Try that.

Thanks Andre.

In your opinion is this old board compatible with the current 4.1 ArduPlane? Do you think that I might be wasting my time with an out dated FC? Would I be better of buying a more current FC. Maybe one of the Cube models?


I think those came from HobbyKing unless it’s a clone of a clone :grinning:
So, it’s as good as any Pixhawk clone and it has the Rev3 processor and 2mb flash. It’s an F4 and the IMU’s are not the latest but it could work for you.

Thanks dkemxr, that’s very helpful. I’m happy to buy a new FC (Cube etc) but as I am such a Noob I’m expecting a crash or two. So for that reason I would like to use these two PX4 clones to learn to fly and when I have more experience I can purchase a newer model.

Thank again.

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