Please Help, I just got my Arducopter 2.8!?

Hi Everyone

        I just got my Arducopter 2.8 and As happy as I was I started right away Setting it up, Everything Went fine until the Rc Calibration!!?

             It doess Not show anything on the mision planner but when I am finished with Rc calibration it showes like it has recieved something, because the channels without connection are of -or+2 but ch. 1 to 5 are showing other numbers, but no matter what I do I can not get it to show rc calibration, and the MP. is disarmed with a warning that the RC is not Calibrated!!!? 

      This is number 2 Arducopter that I have bout, so I really want it this time to Work, please has anyone any idea!!?

                     Thank you.........

Just a suggestion but is the radio binded to the receiver? Also ensure your leads from the receiver to the APM are in the correct order. In other word ground to ground and signal to signal… I actually made that mistake when I first started… Luckily I didn’t fry anything…

I got it working!!!

      Somehow the MP. would change the numbers on the Radio Calibration side, but wouldnt show any movements nor nothing!!?

       So I used my shaking hands :slight_smile: ( after that open the Board and have a look inside to make shore that I haven't made any mistakes ) to change from MP ro APMplanner 2. and Valla everything worked as it should. Now I shouldnt be so quick about it, but Hopefully everything else would go just as smutlly...

(sry my spelling)

             Do you know where I can find any infor mations on the jumpers on the 2.8 board!?
       I have 2 jumper positions, one called " jp1 " and the other without any mane, but more slots(3)?

                Thank you.......

Ok, The MP is working too…!!

  The Only difference between the MP and the APMplanner 2 is that in the MP. the Throttle is Reverse, else its working after that I have Calibrated.

     Please tell me if I have connect it Correct.  I have Linear Esc's and I have the Power Module.

I have Removed the Jumper 1 “JP1” and Connect all the Esc’s without removing the Hot(Power) Wire

           Is that Ok?

                   Thank you