Please help, drone has crashed, motors stop working

hey guys, I really can use your help here!
My drone has crashed yesterday, it wasn’t my first flight on this day (I fly autotune flight and several other flights on that day).
the drone has flown several times before that day.
The one change I did to the drone is setting the RC6 channel to “motor Estop”, and setting the SG switch on the Taranis X9D+ to channel 6. I saw on the “radio calibration” tab in the MP that the channel is responsive but didn’t redo a radio calibration.

during an auto flight (auto and guided mode) after 5 minutes of flight for some reason, RCIN ch6 was triggered (I didn’t touch the switch) and the drone crashed. any idea why that happened?

you can see on the log that RCin ch6 was triggered for 1.5 sec then rest to normal value for two sec and then it was triggered again

I am useing cube orange, Arducopter 4.2.3
you can see the log here

My guess your radio signal was low, or you had an interference.

can I see the signal strength in the logs? and if I can, what is the parameter name?

if it is interference, how can I have the option to do an emergency motor shutdown and not fear of interference would crash the drone?

In this image the RSSI and RX errors are shown…

isn’t it the RSSI of the telemetry dongle (Sik telemetry radio of Holybro in my case)?
I think @amilcarlucas meant the remote control signal

Ah yes…you are correct.

For receiver RSSI, depending on the type of receiver, you would need to configure it as a RCinput channel for it to show in the flightlog… but I can’t see that in the flightlog.

It’s not clear from the log why Chan 6 went high only that it did. I would disable eStop while you troubleshoot possible RC problems. What RC system is it?

Note: Not that its a cause of this problem but I would use another Channel besides 6. 6 has some special tuning functions specific to that chan you may want to use in the future.

The RC system is “TBS nano crossfire nano RX” on the drone and TBS Crossfire Micro TX on the Taranis.
what do you mean by “special tuning functions”? can you elaborate or refer me to a link explaining it?

There is a Wiki of course!
Tx based tuning.