Please help APM 2.8 could not take off

Hello all,
this is my first copter I bought from a china seller you can see combo here

with a Microzone MC6C TXRX and Lipo 3s 5200Mah

I did follow the guide on ardupilot and some clip from youtube. the calibration steps has been done below:
Frame type
ESC manual Calibration
I can Arm and it work
Howerver when i set to max Throttle. my drone do not take off

aa450.param (5.0 KB)

We can’t tell much from the information you have provided.

Can you please post a log file from the flight controller.

Below is all the logs. please help (572.6 KB)

The default logs don’t have much information in them.
If you could set the LOG_BITMASK to something like 45054 it would include nearly everything.

But just glancing at what information is there I see you are using a 3S battery, is that correct?
If so then your battery is not up to the job.
As the current rises to a max of 37A your battery voltage drops to 7.5V.
That isn’t going to get it off the ground.

You should have seen this if you setup your battery failsafes correctly.
Don’t ignore the failsafes, they will help.

With this symptom it is common to have the propellers upside down so the thrust is going up.