Please, better explanation of DCM failsafe

I will be flying in auto mode so i need to protect against fly away, but the info i have found is cryptic and assumes the reader knows all about it. i guess what i need is a good explanation of what DCM is and how to set it up and make sure it’s right. is there some other reading out there or posts?

Do you mean DCM failsafe of failsafe in general?

I just typed a big reply but lost it…grr…but will await for your response before typing it all again…it may not be required.

Has your copter flown? have you properly checked the compass? does it loiter properly? have you manually tested RTL? Have you flown any missions?

Proper prior testing will prevent the vast majority of fly aways.

sorry for your loss, i mourn with you. i mean the DCM failsafe, i have setup the others. it has flown, but i still need to tune loiter, rtl compass is good though. i’m just in the process of getting it perfect. i plan to use it for aerial photography, so transport canada requires a failsafe against flyaway or i wouldn’t bother.

Ah ok.

Reading this (below) it seems pretty clear how it is triggered and what will happen if it does, and when it is enabled. … -failsafe/

I would say though if the compass is off by 60 degrees you won’t get a good loiter…nothing like :slight_smile:. Not sure how that check will work in fairly stationary situations where course over ground may be nothing like heading, and sporadic…but I guess that’s EKFs job to keep that in check.

There is also geofence which may cover you (again you probably know).

I guess you are compiling a report of the various behaviours? as EKF fail safe on its own won’t stop all fly aways.

Also, Rob Lefevre might be your best bet as he is a dev and in Canada.

that’s a good idea, thanks.