Please an answer on external I2C and Canbus on P2.1

Hello, as the title says i really am confused about external I2C and canbus on Pixhawk 2.1.

Should they already work on 3.5.3? they shouldn’t? I read different opinions and read different things about fixes to be released on github comments.

Would a dev please let us know (maybe interests someone else too) what is the current deal on external I2C on Pixhawk 2.1 and about Canbus? All of this on AP 3.5.3

Thank you very much,


You probably saw my reply… it depends upon the sensor driver I’m afraid. Some look on both buses and some don’t.

The aim is to have all our sensors look on both buses but we haven’t got that all done in Copter-3.5.4.

Yes, read your answer already, thank you very very much.