Playing back a .BIN file?

I had a crash and am trying to figure out what happened.

I got a .BIN log that has good data that I can graph.

I wanted to play it back like one can play back a .TLOG where I can see the flight instruments etc…

I did not have the computer running while I was flying, so I have no .TLOG.

Is there anyway to convert the .Bin, or otherwise get MP to play it back?



no there is not, you can play it back in google earth though.

Is there any way to playback the info in the dataflash?

Can the .log files be played/converted?



a .bin is a binary log
a .log is a ascci log.

they are equal, so yes you can.

when I say playback in google earth, I mean create a kml, and play that back

You need to play with the graph a little. You can zoom in a section by drawing a square or double click to jump to that spot in the table. Check other values in this area and plot them to see what happen just before. Playing it back is not always helpful.

Also you can click on the show on map and then click on the graph to have it create a point on the map where that was. For example maybe the GPS drifted at that moment or was going in the opposite direction from what you remember the flight did.