Platform advice

Hello all,

I’m considering getting a platform to use with 2x T200 thrusters for autonomous mission. I have already a F405-WSE running ardurover and all the hardware (gps, etc.). Since I’ll like to take it to the sea which platform may I better look at since it must cope well with waves?
I’ve searched the web for ready available boats (1m+ long) but the prices are way too high and I’d need to add the cost for 2x thrusters…

Is there anyone who can recommend me suitable options?

Thank you and best regards!

yeah, boats get expensive as they get larger. It’s just a lot of material.

Another limitation to the size of the boat could be the power of the T200 thrusters. On a boogie board boat the T200 are more than enough to create a fast, agile vehicle. On something that’s nearly 2m it will be very slow moving I think. I think the T200 can handle up to 20V so 4S batteries will be fine. 6S is over the limit though I think.

Anyway, sorry I don’t have any specific advice beyond what’s on our reference frames wiki page.

Many thanks for you input!
I have read some info on T200 and it’s really recommended to stay on 4s or go 5s but with careful management of the throttle.
I really need to find a lightweight platform but still large enough to have stability and cope well with rough waters.
Do you have any figures of the weight of the AtTrac Mapping Boat? Since you used 2x T200 that gives an idea of what to expect of the weight/thrust for the platform.

Thank you!


The Attrac Mapping boat (video, store) is only 2kg when empty but I think when I loaded everything onto it it was more like 7kg.