Planning - Photos Footprint not working | Terrain / Relative not working


So i upgraded to latest MPlanner 1.3.75 and i cant get in the survey (grid) to see the footprints like i used to in MPlanner 1.3.58 .

Any idea why?

MPlanner 1.3.75:

MPlanner 1.3.58:

Another problem that i’m getting is if i have the relative on before doing the planning i only can use ‘relative’ in the mission i cant change to ‘terrain’ because the ‘frame’ is always in ‘relative’. So in order to use ‘terrain following’ i need to change to ‘terrain’ before do the planning.

Planning with ‘relative’:

Planning with ‘Terrain’:

In the MPlanner 1.3.58 i only need to do one planning and choose between ‘relative’ or ‘terrain’ without needing to redo again the planning.


No one with some insights?


i just checked and mine displays fine.

can you press control-s on that screen, and post the file

So something is wrong on my end.

Anyway here is the grid file:

Thank you and fantastic work with all the Mission Planner application, Michael.

Any news, Michael?

Thank you

It looks like a bug. Unless you have a valid home location (not Planned, but valid from a vehicle) grid footprints are not displayed.
I made a PR to fix it and use PlannedHomeLocation instead of Actual. Hope it will be merged soon.

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Thank you.