Planner on Atom N550 cpu and Lubuntu 16.10

Hello good folks of APM.

Recently tried to get away from windows on my netbook for my APM setup/control without much success.

But beforehand i must confess being absolutely ignorant in linux, most of my life using redmonds offerings.

So, here i downloaded several offered versions of MP but unable to install, i get a message about wrong build - asks for i386, i get amd and arm.

Can someone help and guide me on how to install it on Lubuntu 16.10 ?
Netbook i’m using is Toshiba NB520-10H (Atom N550 cpu + 2gb RAM).

Thank you for any advice.


Hi !
Mission planner is for windows only … So you need to use Apmplanner2 or Qgroundcontrol on ubuntu !
(little tips, on ubuntu 64bits architecture is call amd64, so it is not restrict to amd processors, it is for all 64bit system (x64 on windows)

This download should work

If he’s using an ARM though, does APM Planner have an ARM package?

No its not ARM. Its Intel N550 dualcore. Its a netbook with win10. Just trying out linux here.

It’s an Intel Atom 64Bit, The binary I linked to is the correct one. If it doesn’t work, building the code from the source code is not that difficult on linux

There is an arm binary tested on RPi

Well, no luck here.

I get error:

“dpkg: error processing archive apm_planner_2.0.24_xenial64.deb (–install):
package architecture (amd64) does not match system (i386)
Errors were encountered while processing:

Ideas ?

Could you type : uname -i in a terminal and give us the output ?
I suspect that you install 32bits ubuntu … So you need 32bits binary…
The better should be that you reinstall 64bits version (welcome to linux ^^)

it was reporting as i686 (bah).
Reinstalled to x64 and got it to install, however on 1024*600 screen the app is essentially unusable.
Need a netbook with bigger res screen…