Plane yaw right in FWBA mode

Hi,my mini talon installed pixhawk alwas yaw right in FWBA mode. I have make auto servo trim on the air ,that make the plane keep fly level but the nose point a little bit right,seems like there’s cross wind,but accurately there’s no wind at all.The plane has little deformation because of the foam,so the plane can’t keep fly level if we set the aileron and rudder at neutral ,but we can let the plane auto trim to level thanks to the servo_auto_trim function in pixhawk,but that makes the aileron and rudder offset the neutral.I am not sure this is the reason of nose pointing right.please give me some advice,thanks!.

A lot of times the foam wings get warped in shipping from the heat and handling. If you can tell that the surfaces are not straight, that will cause the plane to have to fight the airflow coming off the bent surfaces. Best thing to do is heat the bent parts gently and see if you can straighten them.

Hi,I think the problem is that we have to adjust the arduiplot board and the plane attitude or level adust .the level of the flight controller is different from the level of the aircraft because of the error of mounting.we can use AHRS_TRIM X to adjust the FC level ,but there will be have another problem,the plane can flight straight but the wing will have a bank angle.In order to reduce this angle,we have to make level ajust of the FC,In another word we must let the FC know the level,so there is a question that how to let FC know the level? In the acceleration calibration, how to ensure that the aircraft can be accurately parallel to the six planes?