Plane Waypoint mission Error

Greetings, I am experimenting with the waypoint missions in the auto mode. I initiated the waypoint with the takeoff command and the subsequent waypoints. However, after the auto takeoff, the aircraft did not follow the waypoints. I switched to the RTL and then back to the auto mode, and then it followed the rest of the waypoints.
I am sharing the log and waypoint file for your reference. If anyone can help me identify the issue, I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
FC – Pixhawk 2.4.8,
Firmware – Arduplane 4.3.7.


It appears that the Takeoff command was not completed because the aircraft did not reach the target altitude (50 meters). When you switched from RTL to Auto, the mission continued from the Waypoint command.

I appreciate your response. I encountered a problem with the first flight. It did not follow the waypoints after reaching the desired altitude. In the second flight I had to switch from auto to FBWA mode and then back to auto mode to resume the waypoint navigation. Also, the direct mission commands for takeoff and waypoints did not work. I hope you understand my issue and can help me resolve it. Thank you for your time and attention.

If this is the first flight of the plane, it probably needs to be setup and tuned. Post a .bin log file from the plane, not the .tlog.

This is not the first flight. I mentioned first flight for the telemetry log sequence. There is a two flight logs on the same file.

I can’t say exactly what happened on the first flight because the telemetry data was missing for a long time right after takeoff, but the log indicates that the altitude was only about 35m after takeoff in Auto mode until the switch to RTL. The second flight also appears to have barely reached 50m.

As Allister said, if we have the .bin log file we can analyze the problem more precisely.

Thank you for your time. I have checked the telemetry log directory and found that only tlog and rlog formats are available. There is no .bin file in the directory.

The .tlog file is stored in the ground control station and you can find the .bin file in the flight controller. You can download it using Mission Planner.

I connected the flight controller to my computer via USB and opened the data flash log. However, there was no information stored in the FC.