Plane taking pictures during takeoff


I just noticed a strange issue with my plane setup. It starts taking pictures soon after takeoff. After reaching the waypoints where the mission starts, It behaves normaly and stops taking pictures at the waypoints where the CAM_TRIG_DIST is set to 0. It stops taking pictures after the mission is completed. I use a sony a6000 with a multiport shutter cable and a Hotshoe cable form tuffwing.

I have attached the Param file for reference

88.log.param (14.3 KB)

Update - I did a test where I just walked with the plane in hand and the camera triggered every ~29m which is the same distance as set by the CAM_TRIG_DIST parameter. The documentation has a parameter called CAM_AUTO_ONLY, but this is not applicable as i run plane 3.8.3 and the param is missing in my list.

Any thoughts?

Maybe set your CAM_TRIG_DIST to 0 and use the mission to set the distance & call the triggering instead.

I shall try that, Thanks!