Plane skipping waypoints

Hi All,

I’m having a problem with my plane skipping waypoints. It seems like this happens when the flight path on takeoff goes within the acceptance radius of a different waypoint, and the autopilot then jumps to that new waypoint. Is this the expected behavior?
The video below shows two flights. The first shows the mission being flown properly, where the plane hits all of the waypoints. The second shows the plane seemingly getting too close to waypoint 10 then deciding to go to waypoint 11 afterwards.

Any advice here?

I didn’t read the 2nd paragraph…so removing my comment.

In the second mission when you start you can see it aims for waypoint 10 and than 11. You can see in the grey bar at the top that when you start the second mission you are instead probably finishing a previous interrupted mission because that bar is almost at the end, like it only needed to complete wp10 and wp11 to finish the mission.
It looks like you got out of auto in a mission before that one that reached only point 9, than you flew around a bit and re entered auto, and at that point the plane finished the previous unfinished mission with point 10 and 11.
Hope it is clear.

I think you need to read carefully the post and watch the video till the end before answering :slight_smile:

Well, that’s why we have you here. I didn’t read the 2nd paragraph…

Where in 2nd flight u see that he went out of auto mode? “or” you thinking he re started the same mission before landing…if yes, then your explanation is correct. the way he created the video seems like two different missions as there is pause between the two videos. Did you watch the video to the end and didn’t notice the pause…

As @Corrado_Steri said, it looks like you didn’t complete the first mission. Therefore, the second mission started between 9 and 10. BTW I’m not an expert

Second video starts with waypoint 10 at the first waypoint to go. |(On the HUD left bottom you can see the next waypoint) Then it reach 10 and go for 11. It seems that you did not restart mission before start the second flight. Either arm/disarm or set WP to 0 in the Action tab would do it.

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Thanks for the help guys! The purpose of these flights was for testing auto takeoff and landing. The plane should have been in auto mode the whole time, and it was disarmed/re-armed between each flight.

I’m wondering what caused the missions to be unfinished. Maybe it’s because the home waypoint is not in the same place as the landing waypoint, causing the mission to be unfinished? Or the plane lands short of the last waypoint and does not accept it? This does not seem to be the case because there are instances where the plane lands long, passing through the landing point and then skips waypoints on the next flight.
Seems kind of like a bug

You can watch this video series. This is the best out there. He has explained pretty much everything you need to know about waypoints for planes.