Plane SITL in mission planner not work well

When I turn on the SITL plane in Mission Planner, it moves forward continuously without any input from me.

It appears as though the plane has already taken off, but the altitude reads as 0m.

Additionally, I receive a message stating ‘3D Accel Calibration Needed’ when I attempt to arm the plane. Please see the attached images for further details.

I can move plane even if I didn’t clicked take off command. its altitude is 0m.

As shown above, the plane draws a circle, but its altitude is indicated as -1m."

Even though I haven’t done anything, I received a message stating that the airspeed sensor has been calibrated, and the plane’s ground speed is measuring at 3.88m/s. Based on data from the gyro and accelerometer, it appears that the plane is on the ground, with an altitude reading of zero.

in SITL the throttle output minimum is 1100 by default, this means idle, not stopped motor. So your plane is taxiing on idle. Change it to lover value, or ignore and do a takeoff.

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