Plane simulation in Gazebo

Hello all,
I am trying to simulate px4 plane model on gazebo.

I changed sdf and config files as follows;

my world file as follows:

Frst, I added this part to /ardupilot/Tools/autotest/pysim/
“gazebo-mert”: {
“waf_target”: “bin/arduplane” ,
“default_params_filename”: “default_params/plane.parm”,

Then I start the simulation with this command ;
../Tools/autotest/ --no-mavproxy -f gazebo-mert -I 0

Before that I started the gazebo world with this command;
gazebo --verbose

Gazebo simulation sees the ardupilot plugin but I see not normal movements in the rudder and flaps.
I assign mission from the ground station where I connected the SITL.
The plane does not move when I put it in auto mode and arm it.
I don’t know where I made a mistake. Most likely there is an error in sdf files or is there something i’m missing.

Thank you for your help

@snuffytruffle @SwiftGust