Plane shut down motor in AUTO mode

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I have a skywalker 1800 with a APM 2.6. Recently upgrade the firmware to version 3.3.0. Since than the plane became out of configuration in AUTO mode. The worst is that when executing a mission in AUTO he goes to the first way point normally, but when he reaches that first way point the motor stops completely, and he glide trying to do the paths (with no motor). Of course at that point I have to switch to manual or FBWA (the motor returns to normal) and I land it.

I reinstalled an older firmware version trying to reverse this, but the plane is in the same.

Any one could give me a clue to overcome this situation?

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Please provide tlogs and dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

Hello, thanks

Here is a tlog of one of those attempts.

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Looking at your tlog I found:

Your Target_Airspeed value is 0

Are you using a speed sensor or relying on the GPS for aircraft velocity?


Hi, thanks

No, my sensor package is very similar to the one in the image. I don’t have more sensors, I think a airspeed sensor is not included, however a pressure sensor might be.


Here is the image of my navigation system.


I do not have a airspeed sensor.

Do you refer to this variable TRIM_ARSPD_CM

It seems that its actual value, in the file I sent, is 1300, not 0.