Plane rolls during take off

I am having a problem on auto take off, this happens in last 2 flight. before that everything was good.

here are the logs of last two flights


in the second flight i changed roll PID to default to see if it coms from PID tuning, but same thing happened.
I appreciate your help

Have you done a FBWA check for the correct control surface movement?

Yes, control surfaces are correct. and it was flying ok before last two. before that problem, motor burned during flight. i changed, everyhing looks ok on the ground but it rols during take off . doesn start to roll immediately, it flies to some altitude 15-20 m then rols 180

Yes, also I have flew on FBWA mode. Then switched to auto, everything was good. Roll happens only during take off

I think I found the problem, it came from EKF2, After setting COMPASS_USE=0 , it solved the roll problem during take off.

here Tridge also mentioned this (

but now there is no option in mission planne to set it for Auto. i just disabled . and seems it solved?