Plane Oscillation in roll and overcontrol

Hi everyone,

i have 2.4m wing length VTOL frame which i performed autotune for 2 times. Even i did twice times the Autotune with AUTOTUNE_LEVEL= 3 and later than made fine tuning as well but i was not satisfied with the final flight of my UAV as it is seen on below graph. It flies quite well in a cruise straight flight with small oscillations but in loiter phase or occasionally it produces high roll angle action and seems like controller has overshoot and overcontrol as well. I tried fine tuning and followed the instructions related to the link(1) below and the results was not good again. Also the roll angle has a noisy response as it is seen below graph.

I changed the parameter [RLL_RATE_SMAX] from 150 deg/s/s to 110 deg/s/s according to rule of thumb which is mentioned in Limit Cycle Detection — Plane documentation

The limit should be set to no more than 25% of the actuator’s maximum slew rate to allow for load effects.

Furthermore, my servo voltage supply is 5v, even though minimum supply voltage is supposed to be 4.8v. I was quite suspicious about supplying 5v to servos and then i performed 5 hours torque testin order to make sure it is reliable and it passed the all tests.

I mostly suspicious about servos and noisy roll angle. I also add my flight logs to here. If anyone could give me any tips or recommendation about my situation, please feel free to send me message or write down here.

  1. What could be the reason for such a noisy response of roll angle?

  2. Does voltage supply effect the roll actuation?

Thanks in advance

Arduplane version: 4.1.2 stable
Autopilot : Pixhawk Orange Cube
My Servos are: RS0708 digital Servo link

Log file:

@tridge @andyp1per could you give me an advice about the issues?