Plane going into RTL when GPS loss

Hey all,
Doing some testing with the pixhawk 2 cube black and the here 2 GPS… in the past I’ve been able to kill my GPS remotely and the plane would circle (loiter) until gps was reinstated…but now my plane is attempting to RTL whenever GPS is lost…is there a param I can change back to make it loiter instead of RTL? I haven’t changed anything but I wonder if maybe updating to plane 4.2 has had a change that I’m not aware of.


The failsafe action is configured by a parameter. Check the failsafe parameters

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That’s what I figured but I couldn’t find the param…maybe I just wasn’t looking in the right area.

Double checked my short and long FS and the long is “circle” but the plane was still attempting to RTL.

Any ideas?