Plane feels twitchy, also logging full

Relevant Log

Still working on this setup, it’s a Zohd Drift with a Matek F411-MiniTE. I know the plane itself is known to be somewhat twitchy. CG is good. I haven’t been able to run autotune thanks to the windy weather for the last several months.

My questions:

  1. From the logfile above, should I just drop PIDs?
  2. I feel I don’t have near enough throw in FBWA, Cruise, and even Stabilize seems a bit dampened, and I’m still confused with how the server/rc settings affect each mode, along with manual.
  3. In Takeoff, it seems I will lose some altitude, no matter how light or hard I toss it, until it just barely (by 2-3ft) decides to start pitching up. Is this just the nature of my plane (with no ESC or Airspeed sensors).
  4. Is there a way to change the Logging Full error to only present once? I only have 16MB onboard, and will need to change logging rate, but it would be nice to not have the constant errors/chimes once it’s full.
  5. How critical is it to have the plane perfectly level while booting/waiting for GPS?

Thank you,