Plane dives after DO_LAND START

here is a tlog and bin files for some to look at as i was doing auto mission takeoff and land it had done WP 10 in the mission turn at WP 11 line up with the runway after WP 11 WP 12 DO_LAND_START and WP 13 land
what it did was turn at WP 11 just after WP 12 DO_LAND_START it cut the motors dove at the ground at 15 meters above lucky i just set land abort by throttle :grinning:
here is video just to about 3 mins
here are the bin and tlog

tlog and bin zip

Something is wrong with the physical setup of the plane. Perhaps the airspeed indicator needs calibration or better placement.

The throttle doesn’t actually go to zero until just about ½ second before you aborted the landing. The plane is demanding 18degrees nose up, and only drops that a little probably when the airspeed is going down. And that is in spite of the pitch of the plane being nose down. There are similar drops coming out of some of the other waypoints.

For most of the flight the FC is requesting a very high nose up attitude, over 10degrees. It’s like the plane is too heavy, and possibly C of G too far forward. When the plane starts it’s landing, even though it’s requesting nose up, it doesn’t have the power or speed to do so.

I think, for what it’s worth, that you need to verify the C of G and the airspeed system before you get too far into the settings.

Oh, and I didn’t look too far into it, but check your mission reset parameters. The log file is bogged down the mission reset commands after you abort the first landing. If you’re using a switch to reset the mission it only needs to be a momentary one.

I’m going to assume this is the twin motor plane that you have in your other post. Do you have a picture of a side view of the plane? Maybe it’s the camera angle from some of the photos you posted, but I’m wondering if the angle of incidence of the wing is correct.

i will check out incidence tonight off the plans it says 0 to +1/2
and its right on +1/2
as far CG its a little nose heavy just it does carry 16000 mah 1.8 kg