Plane dive after switching to auto

Hi guys,

Skywalker 1900 with APM 2.6 / arduplane 3.3
Good behavior in flight, both manual and FBWA. Good RTL circles when activated. But when I plan a mission and switch to Auto, plane just start diving full throttle.
WP altitude is 100m relative height, altitude when switching is 80m.
What did I do wrong ?


I am travelling, it s in the box !
Tomorrow if the filter let me write an answer (this forum usually block me when I am in Africa).


I had this happen once to me switching into auto. Normally I fly with Mission Planner configured for meters. However the Mission planner I was testing with was configured to work in feet. The auto waypoints were programmed for a relative altitude of 100. 100 ft.

Flying at 100 meters and approaching the first waypoint, I got quite a dive when I switched to auto. The older APM firmware in the drone I was working on did not have a rate of decent limit.

I thought APM 3.2 and above had a rate of decent limit in them now.


I use meters, same MP is used without any issues with my quadcopter. I found some discussions about same issue, and will look closer to some parameters.


Did you find a reason for the dive when you switched to auto?

I usually fly in FLWB first before switching to auto to make sure that the airspeed sensor is working correctly. If FLWB is working I then switch to auto.


I am a bit ashamed… log file tells me that I never switched to Auto mode, in fact it was Manual that was triggered ! Bad mode definition on MP.
Thanks for your answers