Plane config files for popular airframes

I wonder if it may be the right time to take the current code and features and allow people to focus on creating rock solid configurations for popular planes e.g. RiteWing Zephyr II

The code base has moved really fast recently and I think that having stable configurations that new users can load and just fly would be huge for ArduPlane…

Part of the problem is that if you search for configs they are based on legacy versions of the code… I think this is really confusing for new users…

thoughts ?

If you mean tuning parameter, that sounds good at first glance but IMHO makes only limited sense, because unless users buy 100% preconfigured RTF packages, every setup is still different in some important points. Different batteries (capacity, weight, S, C), different motors, different ESCs, different servos, different throws, different CoG…
All this influences tuning parameters more or less, so two planes which are built from the same airframe could still have very different parameters.

[color=#00BF00]Besides, I move this to the Wiki suggestions subforum for the moment.[/color]

If you make a parameter file for a specific airframe you can make a pull request here … ame_params

Just remember to delete all of the non frame specific parameters out of the file.

Shouldn’t that link be listed on the wiki? Now there seems to be at least three different places: