Plane auto land into the side of a hill

I flew from a field that is at the top of a hill. I set up to auto land which has worked great at other locations, but instead of landing nicely on the runway, the plane flew into the side of the hill. Here’s a video that shows what happened.

This plane has a rangefinder and terrain data loaded for this location.I think it is confused because both would have told it that the plane was far too high to land when it was actually on a nice approach, so it probably started going lower as a result. My question is - how should I set up the plane for this situation?

Log: Dropbox - log_121_2023-4-21-19-41-34.bin - Simplify your life

  1. you have terrain data, yes, but are not using it in any manner in navigation…see TERRAIN_FOLLOW
  2. the rangefinder was not even used until late in the flare (its needed before the flare) and already below the home altitude…
    the basic issue is you landed way short…the sink rate in the flare was not being obeyed…your pitch (nose) dropped…improve your pitch tune and lower the land airspeed a bit…halfway between cruise and fbw_min…12-13m/s…also, your flare height is not being used…the time param is overriding it… not the issue but backwards…time limit is a safety…raise your flare height to 3m

Thanks Henry - I’ll check out your suggestions and report back. Very windy here this weekend, so might be a week or so.

Oh - well the rangefinder would not have been used because when the flare started, the side of the hill was too far away (down) - out of range for this rangefinder. On a flat field the rangefinder kicks in nicely. Not sure if there is anything I can do about this given the hill.