Plane 4.1.0 CRSF and smart audio non functional . MATEKH743wing

MATEK743WING_1.param (20.0 KB) Assembled MATEKH743wing FC on bench using related peripheral hardware to test functionality of CRSF and smart audio . I used both a tbs smart audio eachine tx305s vtx , a unit which I know works with smart audio connected direct to crossfire nano Rx .
When that failed to work I connected tbs unify vtx in an attempt to control vtx over CRSF connection to flight controller .
The whole configuration only involves setting up the serial ports .
Nothing works !
I had RC control of servos for a while before that disappeared after a reboot .
No response at all controlling vtx , either of them .
I’m using the 4.1.0beta3 firmware and I’ve tried all the settings talked about in wiki . It just doesn’t work at all !
Attached is the .param file for FC settings

I’ve been fighting with this also and haven’t had any luck. But I’m using a different VTX (Rush Tank) so I don’t know if its smart audio is correct.

Looking at your parameter file I noticed a few things you might want to try. I’m guessing you have the VTX connected to Serial 6 (TX4/RX4) because you have that set to CRSF. If that’s so, try


Need a bit more information. What precisely are you connecting to what - i.e. what pins on the FC and what pins on the VTX and RX? When you say “control”, how are you trying to control? Please try and be as precise as possible, there’s no reason why this combination should not work, but there are many ways to get it wrong.

Thanks for replies

After a lot of searching I discovered my tbs nano Rx bit the dust . Even though green light was solid the scope showed nothing coming from port 1.
Thankfully this happened on bench ! This is second nano Rx that has failed on me in the last 6 months !
Anyway after replacing Rx I got CRSF , Smartaudio and Runcam support to work as intended .
The only issue was using crossfire Lua script for direct control of unify evo Vtx over CRSF .
That did not work but In my case its not a problem . I did not spend a lot of time with that one so it could be a setup issue .
I just got RFD900 radio’s so hopefully they will work .
This new firmware , although Ive yet to get it in the air , appears to solve a lot of problems previous issues had .

So if you you are using myVTX (lua script on open tx) you need to switch off VTX control on the flight controller - you can’t use both.

Thanks for reply
What happened was the tbs nano rx bit the dust midway thru the testing . You’ll notice in my original post where I mention the servos stopped responding .

It took a while but the scope showed no output from nano rx even though I had a solid green light !

Back to the firmware . Once I replaced rx I was able to get smartaudio ,crsf and runcam support all working 100% from what I can see .

A lot of very important upgrades here to put it mildly . Being able to turn a pot on transmitter and change vtx power is f___ing

Amazing . No more relays and gpio configurations for camera either .

Cant wait to get this in the air .

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