Plane 4.0 release

the compass is really way off. That needs fixing, or disabling. I suspect that is your main issue.

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thanks for reply! Could you explain how you understood this? with this graph?

also bad compass can cause crash in fbwa mode? i think fbwa not using compass, only gyro,accelerometer and may be baro

Didn’t get an answer in the ardupilot on planes forum so I’ll ask here:
What is the recommended setting is for compass_learn on a new matek F765 build running arduplane 4.06 beta2? I just installed a new BN880 (replaced my BN220 just because I had one and I like to tinker) in my mini-talon and was going through the settings and searching on this parameter I didn’t find any definitive answer.

0 Disabled
1 Internal-Learning
2 EKF-Learning
3 InFlight-Learning


Answered by Atx_Heli in the arduplane forum:
the default, which is none…only inflight can actually be used, the others are experimental…and only inflight if you cant possibly pick up the vehicle to do the compass calibration rotation “dance”, and even then the Large Vehicle Mag Cal section of the wiki is the preferred method…

Advanced User marked parameters should only be changed from default if you are one, and therefore know what they really do

Pretty interesting roll demand oscillation happened in 4.0.5 stable. Definitely not a good thing:

Has this problem got a fix?

I’m just released 4.0.6beta4. This is a very small update on the previous beta. I expect this to be the last beta.

  • fixed an issue with swapping UAVCAN compasses and calibration
  • fixed use of VTOL quadplane missions (where the plane flies as a
    multi-rotor for auto waypoints)
  • fixed legacy parsing of some lightware i2c lidars when beyond max

Happy flying!


I have a bug with matek f405-wing running arduplane 4.0.5.
If I use only frsky passthrogh telemetry I got solid telemetry link, no sensor lost.
But If I connect a raspberry serial (Open.hd) to FC and use mavlink 2 the frsky smartport telemtry not working (sometime it work for a while and sensor lost)
Attached talon arduplane.param (24.2 KB)

Arduplane 4.0.5 and tested with Dev 4.10

RSSI_ANA_PIN: ADC 15 on an Orange cube not working
i have 4 planes 2 x black cubes and 2 orange cubes
i have used ADC port on all the cubes the 2 black cubes works fine
the 2 orange ones are not working
i have measure volts at the plug to the cubes it ranges from 0 with TX off and TX on high 2.38 to 2.42
any one else come across this ?

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Question on an orange cube is serial 3 / GPS port one. is this the only serial port that can invert TX and RX pins for frsky passthru protocol 10 ? SERIAL_OPTIONS:7

RSSI in on Orange is exactly the same as RSSI in for Black.

Same with every other analog pin.

RSSI is on the I/O chip not the FMU.

@bugobliterator @tridge

I assume an error has crept in due to the boards with No IO chip having a different pin configuration.

This is the RSSI port…

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This is Ch 8 ADC on orange, CH 15 on black
Nothing to do with RSSI

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Thank for your time Philip have good night
Will get fix tomorrow and report back time this old man to rest his head lol

well set it to pin 8 and it works as it should

Hi Tridge, I am running Arduplane 4.0.5 with the Orange Cube. Do we have an update on the maximum number of waypoints, has this number increased from 656 for this cube? Thanks Kyle

fyi there are also two new utilities available that accompany the 4.0 releases:

Terrain Generator : with precompiled lat/log tiles and even entire continent packages at Note: if you connect to MP it will automatically update the tiles for any loaded mission with the new firmware. If you want RTL,etc. protection using Terrain Following on normal flights, replace any old terrain files with new ones from above. The format of the old ones will not be used by the new firmware.

and a very easy to use log analyzer and flight playback visualizer at wiki page here:…logviewer.html

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I’ve tried this feature with 4.0.6beta2 and works fine! thank you!

Hi Henry,

The new log analyzer is really awesome. It is a very nice add on to the existing log tools and best of all it rans as browser plugin on any platform.
Big thumps up!!!
:+1: :+1: