Plane 4.0 关于光流支持qloit

Whether to support CXOF optical flow in vlto mode, I want to use optical flow hover in QLOIT mode

I have a rangefinder

I’m too rash to ask the question above, sorry. Are there any kind people who can help?

@MartyMcFly can you help this gentlemen. You know this stuff. Thanks

Hi Asim and Sheyao,im playing with it and getting mixed results on my 500 size copter,but there is no reason why it shoud not work rember you need a lidar with it,just ask and I will try to help

The optical flow module works normally on the helicopter firmware, but the plane firmware cannot use the optical flow module to participate in QLOIT to adjust the flight position. The laser rangefinder can already work normally. Thank you

It is not possible to determine whether Plane 4.X supports optical flow modules and participate in QLOIT to adjust the flight position.

Thank you very much for your kind help