Plane 4.0.7 Parameter Resets


Recently, after upgrading several aircraft to 4.0.7 we have begun to see erratic parameter resets occur between power cycles.

This has occurred with two autopilots - a Cube Blue and a Cube Orange. Both resets occurred after the battery had been swapped out for a flight.

For the Cube Orange at least, we were aware that some users had experienced this issue, but had confidence in the bootloader fix for the CS pin. The Orange Cube had an updated bootloader via Mission Planner. At least, I believe the bootloader was updated - there is not much feedback on the success or failure thereof, and I failed to find a way to check the bootloader version.

But what we have evidence of thus far is that it happens with both Cube Blue and Cube Orange, seems to only happen on 4.0.7 (we skipped 4.0.6, had no issues on 4.0.5), and happens despite an updated bootloader on Cube Orange.

These events seem to be somewhat uncommon but almost certain to happen in an aircraft’s lifetime, given the two instances in such a short time.
Fortunately, a parameter reset on our aircraft (a tilt rotor VTOL) results in enough drastic changes that it is no longer capable of arming or taking off, and provides plenty of indications (e.g. no servo outputs, no battery monitor, no CAN GPS) for a user to identify the issue.

Let me know what debug information/logs would be useful for this.
Unfortunately, LOG_DISARMED was turned off for these flights, so I’m afraid no useful information can be had from any of our logs.

The f405 WING board has the same problem,some parameter will change after update from version 4.0.5 to 4.0.7 or 4.0.6,I can’t find out the reason,that is why i don’t update to the latest firmware,because I don’t want to config the flight controller again,that will cost a lot of time,and it will also rests some parameter even you choose load parameter from the older firmware,hope some one can fix the problem

I can’t connect to FC via USB port after update to firmware 4.0.6 or 4.0.7