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Plane 3.9.0beta4 released

(tridge) #1

This is the fourth in a series of beta releases for plane 3.9.0. It is a major release, with a lot of changes.

  • fixed compass detection on pixracer
  • greatly improved OSD support
  • fixed ARMING_REQUIRE=2 support (thanks Marco!)
  • added automatic compass orientation support
  • added probe for all external compasses on new ChibiOS boards
  • fixed arming with compass disabled
  • fixed flow control on F7 based boards
  • fixed prealloc of DMA bouncebuffers
  • added board specific builds for mRoX21 and Pixracer
  • fixed mRoX21 IMU detection

Many thanks to all who contributed to this release, and our beta testers! Special thanks for this release to:

  • Marco for spotting the ARMING_REQUIRE=2 bug
  • sh83 and @vierfuffzig for lots of new OSD features
  • @priseborough for help with the new compass auto-orientation code
  • everyone in the ArduPilot ChibiOS gitter channel for awesome feedback and flight testing

For this beta, I would especially appreciate testing of the new compass auto-orientation code. To test it you can set COMPASS_AUTO_ROT=2 and then do a compass calibration. If your compass orientation is wrong it should automatically fix it. If you leave COMPASS_AUTO_ROT=1 (the default) then it will fail the calibration if the orientation is wrong, but won’t fix it. It will only ever fix the orientation of external compasses. For internal compasses it will check they are right, but not fix it for you.

I hope this is close to the final 3.9.0 release, but we rely on your feedback. Please test!

Happy flying!

(Peter Hall) #2

Hi Tridge,

I know your busy but can you have a look at my Tailsitter pull requests when you get a chance,

Thank You

(basti) #3

congrats, that’s a lot of effort summed up in this release! thank you @tridge and @sh83 for welcoming people like me with hardly any previous knowledge with arms wide open and putting them in the place to contribute, achieve and experience your team’s fabulous spirit. this is an exceptionally rewarding experience.

cheers, basti.

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(tridge) #4

I’ve now released 3.9.0beta5. It fixes a serious bug in RC failsafe handling in IOMCU.

  • fixed RC failsafe on IOMCU when a SBUS receiver is set to “hold” mode
  • allowed for RC override failsafe to support holding override value
    on timeout

Thanks to Jon and Michael for the failsafe fixes!

It also includes two smaller changes:

  • updated F4BY board id, and added F4BY to autobuild list
  • fixed UARTD for px4-v1 build

happy flying!

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(zhangpeng) #5


With 3.9.0beta4 or beta5, my omnibus f4 pro v3 can’t recognize the signal of the sbus receiver? The same firmware is normal on omnibus f4 pro v2.

Color blue PCB :

(tridge) #6

is there any info online on the schematic differences between the v2 and v3 ?

(Joe Breznai) #7

Can’t tell from photo, but is the 3 pad input selector bridged to Sbus or other pad? Not sure if that would cause no signal to board. On my f4prov3 I bridged to other pad, due to Uart6 matter.

(zhangpeng) #8

The difference between v2 and v3, only one jumper about ppm or sbus, my v3 factory has jumper set to sbus mode, and it works fine on iNAV 1.9.0!

(Paul Atherton) #9

Set this to PPM for Ardupilot. The firmware should determine its sbus connected and accept that just fine.

(zhangpeng) #10

Thank you very much, I will try, I will reply with news!

(zhangpeng) #11

this is v3:

this is v2:

(Rolf) #12

Quadplane (Mini Talon) with 3.9.0beta5 ChiBios on pixhawk 1 today performed second flight with this fimrware. QSTABILIZE, QHOVER, QLOITER, FBWA, AUTOTUNE, MANUAL and AUTO-Track workes perfect. Thanks to Tridge and the other developers.


(James Elkins) #13

3.9.0beta5 ChiBios on radiolink mini-pix not getting rxrssi value in beta 5, just shows value of 0.

(tridge) #14

What type of RX are you using? What sort of RSSI does it provide? (analog? pwm?)
Cheers, Tridge

(James Elkins) #15

Sorry, L9R analog… it works on 3.8.5 and didn’t on 3.9.0beta5, I went back to 3.8.5 and still works then tried 3.9.0beta5 again and still 0.

(Paul) #16

What was the “fixed compass detection on pixracer” problem?

I use external compasses with Arduplane 3.8.5 and Pixracers and am curious.



(Hein Du Plessis) #17

thanks for contributing, you’re a legend, dude!

(tridge) #18

It was broken in the previous betas due to a change in the way we handled i2c internal/external bus masks.
Cheers, Tridge

(Paul) #19

Ok, brilliant. It has worked well for me. Thanks for all your work Tridge. Paul

(王东) #20

This flight control is very small.